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“I’m with you.

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Jay Cardiello is the “Everyman ” Health & Wellness Expert, and one of the most trusted names in his industry. Jay uses his extensive knowledge of nutritional science, exercise medicine and empathetic motivational listening to accomplish a single goal – To improve the “quality-time ” of your life – in a way that is fun and achievable – one step at a time…

Are you sick and tires of being “SICK” and being “TIRED?” Good.  Because you’re not alone!  80 percent of Americans do not meet the minimum recommendations for physical fitness.  70 percent of us are considered overweight, with more than half diagnosed as clinically obese.  Surprisingly, the majority’s root cause is some form of previous physical or emotional trauma or illness.  My methods aren’t about me.  They are all about you.  I invest time in you to identify, learn about and heal those wounds at the core to create a sustainable solution for life, instead of taking the easy way out and scotch-taping a temporary fix that won’t last.


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Hollywood’s heaviest hitters, chart-topping Grammy winners, TV personalities and top-ranked athletes flock to Jay to get in the best shape of their lives.

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